Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm just looking outside and finding muyself SO grateful for fall!
I think it's because I was born in the fall that I love everything about it (except Halloween) - I love the harvest, colors, smells, wearing sweaters and warm fires.
It has been an absolutly gorgeous fall here with perfect temperatures! The color of the leaves are breathtaking and so vivid, but...rain storms are coming. I was just thinking how in an instant the beauty is all gone and nothing is left but bare trees and the memories of it all that keep us going until next year.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! The smells, the food, the time spent cooking, cleaning up and chatting as we go! It's because it's all about FAMILY. Family is what it's all about - it's central to the Lord's plan, and it's what keeps me motivated to be all that I can be.
In this time of beauty and Thanksgiving, let's forgive those who have offended us, reach out to one who we have lost contact with and let them know, despite our neglect, that we love them and want a relationship that will last a lifetime.
So, this season...EAT pie, play games, laugh a lot, love one another, and cherish the memories until they come again next year!
Love to you all!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Where Did the Summer Go?

What? It's nearly Labor Day and I had sooo many plans and so much I wanted to do (as always!) The kids are in school, homework is in full force, activities abound and the weather has been JUST PERFECT this week! (One very BIG plus after such a hot and humid summer).

Thinking back over the last four months, I realized that really we had accomplished quite a bit...
APRIL- Went out to Utah for Ryan's Graduation from BYU!

Justin, Me, Joe, Ryan, & Molly

Think he is happy?
So proud of you Ry and the great man you are. Who would have thought that all that time in the Library would have directed you to the world of History? You certainly fit there, and then on for some more hands-on experience in Logan at the American Heritage center for the summer.
Costume for his Ryan!

Some Creations of his own making!
Holly was knee-deep in planning the Prom, as she was the chairman for it. Sadly, she attended the Prom when we were in Utah at the graduation:(.

You look gorgeouss Holly!

We also made a stopped into Peachtree City, GA to see Justin & Erin and see the sights of Georgia!
Justin & Erin's "Deck Garden" it ended up being very bountiful!

MAY - We didn't see much of Joe the month of May, as he was flitting about the country-side installing software and working hard for our family:).
May is always so busy...end of the school-year stuff, Stake Conference, Choir Concerts, testing, etc. We decided we needed a VACATION!!! Grandpa Badger was celebrating his 85th Birthday (and our 29th wedding anniversary) on the 29th of May, so we went out for 2 weeks to celebrate with him and stayed for Memorial Day to see some of my siblings & their kids

Beautiful sceanery along the way!

Molly's AMAZING creations! They melted in your mouth...with every piece:)

Just having fun being together!

So fun, but a bit cold for the end of May. Pictures were taken, bowling @ midnight, lots of yummy Grandma food, visiting, swimming, early-morning golf, and playing games! Everyone but Erin was there (so missed), but it was fun to be together!
Happy Birthday, Grandpa Badger!

Aubrey & Blair - Great at creating fun for the family!

Memorial day..Brit is that you, or Audrey Hepburn???:)

A super yummy lunch at Buddy's with Dad & Glayda.
Can you smell their breath from here?

On our way home we experienced every kind of weather...cold in Idaho, perfect in Utah, Snow and ice in the mountains of Colorado, tumble weeds blowing in New Mexico, 112 degrees in Lubbock, Texas to see Jay, and his cute family!
Josh, Katie, Jaydin, Jaklin, & Jenna in Lubbock
Jake, Jen & Jay - great to be in their home!

Humidity & heat @ the zoo in Oklahoma and GREEN and lovely back home in Missouri!!!

The Monkeys & Lions! - Josh & Katie

We had a great time and SO fun to see everyone and traveling sights!

JUNE- The kids were busy in June with Youth Conference, except for Holly who opted to stay in Idaho and be spoiled by Grandparents for an extra week or so.
Another trip out to Utah for Molly's Baby Shower! This time was a REAL event! I went a day early to stay with Erin and Justin and she and I made fresh strawberry jam!! Yummy! The next day (Friday), we thought was going to be a piece of cake getting on a flight from Atlanta to SLC, but NO... After 7 hours of hopping around the airport trying to get on a flight, we finally landed the LAST two seats on a plane out west! It was touch and go, but we were so grateful to be greeted by sweet daughters who were glad we were just safe, although a few hours later than expected:) We had a yummy dinner and played 15 rounds of Scattagories that night. We (I) was certainly not thinking straight by 1am! SOOOO Funny!

Wonderful food & company - Can't wait 'til September for baby Sam to arrive!

The next day was beautiful, especially in Molly's sister Melese's back yard! She had prepared a Baby Shower Luncheon. All so delicious and no silly games!!! Yea! The best was when we arrived and little Reese came running up to me yelling, "GRAMMY!!!" (The best!)

Thinking all would go smoothly flying home after a delicious ice cream cone at BYU Creamery, we were surprised by airport fun again! Erin went south to see her sister in St. George, and I back to Atlanta. Got on the flight just fine, but the plane had mechanical difficulties. Needless to say, I got the worst seat, arrived in Atlanta around 2am (no trains running), and was back up again at 6am to get on a flight Sunday morning to Springfield. (A little sleepy in class:) A really great adventure, and SO fun to spend some quality time with children and daughter's-in-law!!

SOOO PRECIOUS! Josh, Katie & Holly:)

JULY- We made a fun trip down to Carthage, MO to the Precious Moments Chapel and Museum. Amazing works of art and wonderful so see a life devoted to reminding us of what is truly "precious". BBQ'd with friends on the 4th of July!! Girls off to Girl's Camp for a Week and Josh off for a high adventure scout camp! Joe still traveling like crazy! And another trip to Utah!!! This time for my mephew Tyson's Wedding, and Reese's Birthday.

Reese turned THREE!
Meg's what color did your hair turn???

Tyson and Michelle Davis 7/30/2010

Joy & Jan - Proud Parents:)

Myself, Aunt Dorene, Jay & Jen, Jacob, Dad & Dennis

It was VERY windy up on the top of the mountain @ the Draper temple!

What a wonderful week I spent in Utah with my parents, brother & sister, Joy, and their families, my children and a bunch of wonderful relatives and friends!!
There is nothing better than being surrounded by those you love and love you, especially when you are all in the temple together!! (The Salt Lake & Draper). What a reunion it will be on the other side with ALL those we makes you want to work hard at getting it right while we are here on earth!!

AUGUST- Another TRIP???? Yep, this time with Joe to Lubbock for our newphew, Jacob Kendell's farewell! He is heading out to none other that the "Pocatello Idaho Mission"!!! What a great place to serve! I know it was a great place to grow up:) Another great trip to the Lubbock Temple to do a session with grandparents, aunt and Uncles and parents with this excited young Elder:) Jacob did an awesome job on his talk, (he will make a superb missionary), and Glayda and I had a fun shopping spree with Jennifer and Jaklyn joining in !! And of course we couldn't leave there without some delicious BBQ and Ice Cream!!! These were all definatly memories to treasure! (Thanks to Justin, who works for Delta - and made several of these trips possible:)

The very COOL Elder Jake Kendell!

School began on the 19th and we are off and running! We got to play a lot with our kids and they all worked hard to help, so...I guess the summer was totally successful! Memories made, relationships nurtured, and lots of fun shared!!!!

It doesn't get better than this:)
The family is CENTRAL to the Lord's plan...what a GREAT plan!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Kissing Really Awkward?

Well after 47 posts about parents kissing, I shall blog about what it’s like being together for nearly 30 years!! (Get ready to feel awkward, Blair:)

Here is the picture that says it all…

When we were engaged, and then married I don’t think ANYONE took a picture of us kissing, guess they thought it would be inappropriate or awkward to take such a picture. Funny how times change!

Hmmm…guess that means these people are so in love that they want everyone to SEE how they FEEL by kissing for all of us ! Or…Maybe it’s that you finally found someone who has finally knocked you off your feet, someone to share the rest of your life with, someone who has turned your life around, someone who loves and dreams about the same things you do, someone who “gets you,” someone who instills a desire in you to become what God sees in you and knows you are, someone worth waiting for! (Am I right?)

It’s so worth WAITING for that after it happens we wonder why we were so anxious for it to happen with just anyone! He (or she) fits so perfectly into the family that your dad can tease him, call him funny nicknames, and admire and respect him! She fits so perfectly that your mom couldn’t have picked out anyone better herself, and secretly wishes she was just like her! The siblings are dumb-founded and amazed how “this perfect match” has somehow magically turned their flakey, scatter-brained, goofy, nerdy, or impatient sibling into someone to be admired and revered. They have found their missing half and now have become whole and happy at last!

Well, this is just the beginning…just when you think they “get you”, they don’t, but they do. Work, school, and children become so much the focus that on occasion you forget who “you” are and neglect may happen at times, and focus goes elsewhere. We tend to neglect ourselves, and the one we adore, but the love never ends. Love is shown by long shoulder and foot rubs, their favorite meals prepared for them, garbage’s put out, bills paid, shirts ironed, washed and folded, caring words of love and admiration are spoken. We keep listening, admiring, crying, nurturing, growing together, laughing, and yes…kissing!

The time flies so quickly. Children grow so fast. Trials come in triplicate. Testimonies grow stronger. Commitment is never questioned. Communication happens without speaking, and that “look” goes deep into each other’s soul, not just with longing any more.

Be grateful for those kisses that gross out the children, the hugs that help us breath a little deeper, the quick looks that are worth a thousand words, and know they are all because of a love that is so amazing, a love that is eternal, a love that makes us complete.

I saw it in my parents. I see it beginning in my children’s marriages. I see it in the eyes of the one I chose so many years ago. (In Smokin’ Joe…that’s for you Blair:) I love you sweetheart!!

To all of you...keep on kissin' !! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Being a mother is the Best

I am such a "Mother Hen," I need my baby chicks around me to feel at peace:)
The problem is...most of them have "flown the coop!"
Saturday I was driving down a semi-country road and Megan and I noticed something large and black in the middle of the road. Was it a dog? NO. Was it a man? NO. A tire that got loose? Heavens NO!! It was a 30# turkey!!!! And it was NOT happy when I honked at him to direct his way to one side or another of the road. His feathers ruffled and he gave a loud "gobble," threw back his head and he became the perfect picture of a live Thanksgiving turkey.
I was worried for this bird, so I stopped and blasted on the horn several times so the owner of the "farm" would see that not only had his prize turkey escaped, but the other (not-so-pretty), turkeys and a dozen chickens were jumping up and down with glee as each one realized the prison gates had fallen and they were ALL free. I could picture in my mind's eye the very humorous cartoon Walt Disney would have created with this scene!
This all happened in under 2 minutes, and then I went on my merry way. When I returned home 30 minutes later they were all safely gathered in.:)

The scene actually made me think of many things. First, how fun to live in an area where turkeys roam wild, (although this one happened to be home-grown), and how one minute I am surrounded by farm country and in ten minutes in be in the midst of a large city.
Second, how grateful I was to SEE the turkey before I hit it!
And pitiful it was that my life was very parallel to that barnyard:)
I tried to keep all my little chicks safe & loved while they were home, trying to teach them everything they needed to know before going out into the world. I hated to see them leave, but the minute the gate was open each were SO eager to run into the street and experience the world! I could not, and did not want to stop them. They had to learn for themselves that there are honking idiots out there, and the pavement wasn't as soft as the coop, and feed wasn't as easy to find. The best part is that they all have done so well. They all found their way home (so to speak...their own homes:), and although life is still crazy at times, I still feel at peace knowing they are creating their own safe coops and I have done my best.

Next week Justin will be married, we will add one more to the flock and I will get to squeeze and hug them and put them under my wing, even if for a minute.
Being a mother is the BEST!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Feeling of Accomplishment!

I don't know what it is about seeing bottles lined up on my kitchen counter filled with food that gives me such great satisfaction. It could be the feeling that "I did it myself," or "now my family won't starve." What ever the reason, the feeling is amazing!
I watched my mother and grandmother carefully plant, harvest, and preserve food my whole life. When I was married I, of course, did the same. I taught my children the whole "law of the harvest" also. This week I feel like I did the first time I canned my own peaches 25 years ago. I bought a Pressure Canner about a year ago. (I must admit they scared me a bit, I was always sure they would explode on me!) But to my delight my dear friend came over and I pulled out the fresh boneless-skinless chicken I had just purchased and vola! By the end of the day I had bottled 25 lbs. of chicken and several quarts of white beans! My family will not starve this winter!:).
I think the part I love the most are the secondary lessons learned while trying to do something worth while.
It took me several hours, but in order to have them turn out perfectly it took patience.
It took asking my friend for help and inviting another to create a few hours of fun and teaching the importance of building relationships.
It took a bit of faith to taste what I processed, but it was wonderful. Somehow it tastes so much better when you do it yourself. No more store-bought canned chicken for me!
Confidence grew, and now there are stacks of recipes I am anxious to try and bottle.
We grow with every attempt we make to do a little better, but the key is starting with good fruit in the first place, (or chicken, as the case may be:), and ending with lessons learned and becoming a little wiser and happier in the process!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well...I must begin sometime. The kids are giving me a hard time for not posting anything.

I just turn on the blog and listen to the music I like, look at the picture of my wonderful family and balance the checkbook, but I guess more is required than that when you are in the "blog" mode:)

It's a new year and time to raise the bar in my life and one of those ways is to "Just Do It" -(Thanks to Britney who reminded me that this should be EVERYONE'S New Year's resolution!)

The best part about the new year for me, (being a pretty "blue" personality), is to ORGANIZE!! I love seeing how I can simplify my life, do things quicker, and relieve stresses. I thought I never succeeded because I do this every the same areas, but I realized today that I get closer to my goal every year. My biggest flaw has to be that I am a bit impatient, especially with myself. I want success in all I do, and I want it done NOW!

My New Year's resolution should be revised a little. I think instead it should be "line upon line", giving myself some time to achieve my goals.
So here goes...I AM going to DO IT...just one step at a time! :)