Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm just looking outside and finding muyself SO grateful for fall!
I think it's because I was born in the fall that I love everything about it (except Halloween) - I love the harvest, colors, smells, wearing sweaters and warm fires.
It has been an absolutly gorgeous fall here with perfect temperatures! The color of the leaves are breathtaking and so vivid, but...rain storms are coming. I was just thinking how in an instant the beauty is all gone and nothing is left but bare trees and the memories of it all that keep us going until next year.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! The smells, the food, the time spent cooking, cleaning up and chatting as we go! It's because it's all about FAMILY. Family is what it's all about - it's central to the Lord's plan, and it's what keeps me motivated to be all that I can be.
In this time of beauty and Thanksgiving, let's forgive those who have offended us, reach out to one who we have lost contact with and let them know, despite our neglect, that we love them and want a relationship that will last a lifetime.
So, this season...EAT pie, play games, laugh a lot, love one another, and cherish the memories until they come again next year!
Love to you all!!!

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